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NCAA Camp Compliance; we’ve got your back!

THE GOAL: Protect Your University

Most camps adhere to some type of regulation. Whether it is NCAA bylaws or high school association rules, compliance is critical. Undetected compliance issues can leave your university vulnerable. That’s why we’re delivering a new set of features – all designed to keep your collegiate programs compliant so you can focus on creating the best camps and clinics for your student athletes.

THE GAME PLAN: University Compliance Package
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New Feature: Scheduled Reminder Emails

You can now schedule reminder emails triggered by session start dates. This new feature helps take the stress out of sending reminders for important tasks or need-to-know info before your participants show up for your camp or class.


Reminder emails are easy to set up. To start scheduling your reminder emails, go to Email > New and chose New reminder to get started.

NOTE: Reminder emails must be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance and can be modified or deleted at any time.

Check Out These Great New Report Enhancements

We made a few updates to our reports over the past two weeks. Enhancements include Registration form reports for registrars and program staff, Custom report options for including group assignments, and printable statement reports that make it easier for you to provide information to students and campers.

Registration form reports

Registration form reports allow you to quickly see completed participant registration forms. You now have the added ability to run the registration form report for an individual camper or student from the Registration View. This comes in handy when you need to provide a report to a counselor or someone who will be working with a specific participant.

We’ve also added options let you run Registration form reports with or without supplemental form details and decide whether to include registration form questions or waiver information. These changes allow you to streamline the report when needed.

Custom reports

With Custom reports, you can gain insights into different areas of your program. Whether it’s chek-in, session capacity, or financial data that you want to dig into, custom reports allow you to include or exclude the fields that matter to you. Now you can include Group Assignments in custom reports as well, making custom reports fully customizable with relevant details about your students and campers.

Printable Statements

Statements are a great way to show a family or individual registrants an itemized statement, or snapshot of their payment history and balances due. Now, you can easily send a statement to an individual or primary family member as an attachment in an email as an attachment that is simple for them to print for their records.

Email Campaigns: You said it. You need it. We built it…

By popular demand, we’ve enhanced the email tools in Camp & Class Manager and introduced new email campaign tools to help you send better emails, stay connected, and improve results. You now have the ability to create email lists with dynamic recipients based on specific data tied to their records or by importing a new list of contacts. Not only that, but you can add up to 20 unique emails to a single campaign and review performance results of each communication.

To get started building your own email campaigns, select Email > New Campaign and create a campaign to send a series of emails that can be tracked together.

Email Campaign

To review email performance for individual emails, or the campaign as a whole, select Email > View Report

Email Report

Here are some ideas to help you get started using email campaigns in your organization:

  • Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective method, in terms of both finances and desired impact, to promote your camps and classes to new participants and stay in touch with those who have already enjoyed what your organization has to offer. Be sure to let people know when enrollment opens or to announce special events. Include anyone you’ve ever received an inquiry from, even if they didn’t attend. Refreshing people’s memory throughout the year encourages them to take action and can ensure your programs will be on their radar when they’re ready to engage.

  • Registration Reminders

Provide motivation for those who haven’t signed up yet with email reminders. Incorporate your branding and registration fields to create customized emails for each recipient. You can also schedule communications for those who have already registered, keeping them in-the-know when it comes to details, reminders and milestones.

  • End-of-Year Fundraising

Email is the top driver of online donations, generating 35% of gifts. Use email campaigns to send personalized messaging to different audiences. Whether it’s reporting back on the impact of someone’s gift, revisiting past initiatives, sharing news and announcements, or closing the loop on an urgent ask – don’t underestimate the impact of email on donor retention.

  • Newsletters

Most schools and camps look for ways to stay in touch with alumni, parents, donors, volunteers and others. Newsletters are the easiest way to systematically communicate with these audiences. It’s a great way to keep them in the loop on upcoming events and opportunities and helps your organization stay “top of mind” for parents and participants.

Don’t forget – you can get even more help on how to use these new campaign tools when you visit the Help Center.

Now Available: Family Email and Family Email History

Email is a powerful tool that helps you promote your organization’s programs to future students and campers. It’s also how you stay in touch with people who have already registered or re-engage those who have registered in the past.

That’s why we’re focusing on additional improvements to the email tools you use in Camp & Class Manager. While we have many exciting releases planned in 2015 that will take your organization’s emails to the next level, the first two are available to you today!

Send an Email to Family

Users can now send an email to the primary parent of a specific family from the page of any person in the family or their registration.

  • From any page in Person/Family View click Email family
  • Type a free-form email or choose an existing template

Email FamilyView Family Email History

You can also now easily review the emails that have been sent to the primary parent, and even re-send emails if needed.

When viewing the personal profile for any person in the system, both the order history and the history of emails sent to the primary parent in the family will appear at the bottom of the page. Currently, only confirmation emails and one-off emails sent to that family are shown, but stay tuned because this will be improved to also include broadcast emails and follow-up form reminders at a future date.

Note that although attachments cannot be accessed when viewing a sent email, the recipient of a resent email will be able to download the attachments. Resending an email will create a new record in the list, and can be identified as a ‘resend’ by the airplane icon on the left.

Email HistoryThese are just two of the many email enhancements we have in store for you in 2015. We hope that these improvements make it easier for you to communicate and provide excellent service to your customers.

New Feature: Coupon Code Start Date

Our popular coupon code feature is now even better. You’ve been asking for the ability to set up your coupon strategy when you set up your sessions, rather than having to go back and set date ranges for pricing levels manually. Now you can.

We’ve added Coupon Code Start Date/Time fields to give you the flexibility to set up early bird and other discounts ahead of time. This will let you use the same code for multiple coupons and only the discount eligible for that time period will be applied.

Note that while a coupon code end date is required, a coupon start date is not, and if none is entered there will be no early limit as to when it can be applied.CouponYou can create a new coupon from the Coupons tab in the Season View.

Coupon TabYou can also read more about the coupons feature here.