Now Available: Family Email and Family Email History

Email is a powerful tool that helps you promote your organization’s programs to future students and campers. It’s also how you stay in touch with people who have already registered or re-engage those who have registered in the past.

That’s why we’re focusing on additional improvements to the email tools you use in Camp & Class Manager. While we have many exciting releases planned in 2015 that will take your organization’s emails to the next level, the first two are available to you today!

Send an Email to Family

Users can now send an email to the primary parent of a specific family from the page of any person in the family or their registration.

  • From any page in Person/Family View click Email family
  • Type a free-form email or choose an existing template

Email FamilyView Family Email History

You can also now easily review the emails that have been sent to the primary parent, and even re-send emails if needed.

When viewing the personal profile for any person in the system, both the order history and the history of emails sent to the primary parent in the family will appear at the bottom of the page. Currently, only confirmation emails and one-off emails sent to that family are shown, but stay tuned because this will be improved to also include broadcast emails and follow-up form reminders at a future date.

Note that although attachments cannot be accessed when viewing a sent email, the recipient of a resent email will be able to download the attachments. Resending an email will create a new record in the list, and can be identified as a ‘resend’ by the airplane icon on the left.

Email HistoryThese are just two of the many email enhancements we have in store for you in 2015. We hope that these improvements make it easier for you to communicate and provide excellent service to your customers.

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