Things you can do with the Camp & Class Manager Form Builder

Continuing with the theme of getting your season set up so that all the administrative tasks of getting everyone signed up takes care of itself, let’s take a look at what the Camp & Class Manager form builder lets you do when setting up the registration form for a given season:

Add form element

You can…

Add optional system default questions to your form with a single click

Some questions, like first and last name are required to be on every registration form. These are the ones that say Required by ACTIVE. Non-required default questions though can be added or removed with a single click.

Add default question

Create your own custom questions

Once you create a new custom question it is added to your Custom questions library and all you need to do to add it to any form going forward is to see that it is checked in this interface.

Create a new custom question

Create custom sub-headers to visually group questions together

Make the process simple and intuitive for your customers by grouping similar questions together and adding a little extra explanation where needed.

Create custom sub-headers

Create custom text blocks to be included in your registration

Where more in depth instruction is needed, you can add custom text blocks with color, and different sized text, and even hyperlinks to link to other web pages if you want.

Create custom text blocks

Set certain questions to appear only for people registering for certain sessions

And, this works for sub-headers and text blocks too, so your form can do double or triple duty depending on who is registering.

Session applicability

Drag and drop everything to quickly get it all in the order you want

Drag and drop

…and don’t worry about trying to get too much into a registration form.

You can always create an online follow-up form that your customers can fill out in their online account after they have registered.

Online follow-up form

but more about that next week.

Until then, from all of us on the Camp & Class Manager team, happy days and warm nights as we enter the holiday season.

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