Building Loyalty Through Membership

Every business owner knows that happy customers are more likely to come back. Providing a rich membership platform is a great way to drive engagement and continued participation. Our new Membership feature makes it easy to give your customers more and for you to get more in return…more loyalty, revenue and growth.

Membership Setup Made Simple.

This feature is already available to our customers and creating a membership is easy. Simply go to your account, select the Membership settings tab in the right panel, and click on the Create membership button.


You also have the ability to include auto-renewal and/or early renewal options. Early renewal gives your customer some flexibility to choose a renewal date outside of the expiration date and auto-renewal will ensure your customers never have to worry about losing their discounts or perks.


Setup is Done. How Do I Drive Memberships?

In a recent Colloquy survey, consumers stated the top two reasons they continue to participate in a loyalty program are (1) it is easy to understand and (2) the rewards and offers are relevant. Transparency is key with enrollment in memberships.

Always be clear about the costs associated with your membership including cancellation terms and fees. Be open about what a customer will get with their enrollment. Memberships make customers feel like they are getting special access so ensure that you are providing benefits they value.

Members-only discounts may be a good place to start. The exclusivity of the offer will generate interest in the membership. Pre-registration or early enrollment might be compelling if paired with the most popular programs. Assess your customers and deliver benefits that make them feel like they are gaining an unique advantage for the membership fee they pay.

I Have Lots of Members Now. How Do I Track All This Revenue?

All transactions are automatically tracked within Camp & Class Manager. Membership purchases, payments, refunds and cancellations are included in financial calculations and are displayed in the financial reports. With our new feature, you can easily see how your membership is driving revenue and growth.

We’re excited to offer you more with our Membership feature. Offer your customers more by creating a membership strategy today!

Have questions? Our support page has helpful articles, videos and tips to assist you.

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