Incentivize and Reward Registrants with Conditional Discounts

We’re excited to announce the new custom discount functionality in Camp & Class Manager. This feature will grant your registrants a discount based on their answers to multi-select questions of your choosing.

How Do I Get Started?

First, you’ll want to define your registration questions. Keep in mind that they will need to be questions with multi-select answers that the registrant can choose from. Some of our favorites are:

  1. Are you a veteran?
  2. Are you a teacher?
  3. Have you attended in the past?

Can you start to see how you’ll be rewarding registrants based on their answers to these questions? Let’s dig in further and see how it works!

Rewarding Your Registrants

When setting up your custom discount rule, you can define a dollar amount that will be deducted at checkout. For example, let’s say that our answer choices to Have you attended in the past? are:

  • This is my first time!
  • Yes! ONCE since Jan 1, 2014
  • Yes! TWICE since Jan 1, 2014
  • Yes! THREE times since Jan 1, 2014

You can define a dollar amount that will be deducted based on the answer selected. In our example, we’re going to reward a “Scholarship” discount to those who have previously attended. If a user has attended once before, they’ll receive a $10 scholarship. For those who have attended two or three times, the scholarship would be for $25 and $50, respectively.

Conditional Discount Set Up

When users review their cart for check out, they’ll see the discount applied in their order details. In our example below, we can see that Lowell answered, “Yes! THREE times since Jan 1, 2014” and therefore has received a $50 discount off his registration.

Conditional Discount Checkout

Keep in mind that you can choose to set up as many conditional discount questions as you’d like! In our example above, we can see that Lowell also answered a question that made him eligible for the NY Public School Get Fit discount. Your customers will enjoy watching their total registration cost shrink before their eyes!

So, there you have it! We’d love to hear about all of the creative ways you plan on using this feature in the comments below. For more information on getting set up with conditional discounts, visit our support page to check out articles, videos, and release notes that will help keep you on track!

5 New Feature Updates You’ll Love

This holiday season we wanted to give you five features you’re sure to love! With year’s end approaching efficiency is crucial. So, we added elements that will keep you organized, making marketing efforts more robust and payment options a true gift to registrants.

There’s nothing better than having a participant or parent personally refer someone to your program. They share the first-hand experiences of what makes your sessions great without any extra effort from you. Now, Camp & Class Manager is taking your sessions to a whole new level, leaving friends and family with a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out)!
This enhancement, located on each session checkout confirmation page, lets registrants send an email that invites their friends to experience your program.

Refer-a-Friend Camp Register

Activate Branded Cart-Abandonment Emails
With our cart abandonment feature, emails are automatically sent within 24 hours to potential customers who didn’t complete their registration. Now, every message sent from Camp & Class Manager can include organizational branding with customized header and footer images, your logo, the “Register” button and all social media links. This allows you to keep all communication with your customers professional and consistent.

Branded Cart-Abandonment Emails

Label it Your Way
We know you offer a variety of merchandise for participants to choose from. So, in order to provide clarity for your customers and make products and session options stand out, we’ve made the term “Merchandise” editable. You can now change your merchandise section to “New Camp Gear”, “Recommended Supplies”, or any label of your choosing.

Softcode Camp Merchandise

Keep Formatting How You Like It!
It’s easy to directly copy from email templates outside of Camp & Class Manager and paste them directly into the email editor. The days of re-typing and re-formatting your emails are in the past. Now, the fonts, colors, bullets, spacing and hyperlinks of a Word document’s richly formatted content can be quickly transferred for emailing.

Copy and Paste from Word

Session Specific Payment Plans
Now you can offer registrants the opportunity to pay off the cost of their sessions in installments. Payment dates, billing options and even the applicable sessions are customizable.



Registrants even have the ability to view their order summary in a single email with sessions grouped according to their payment plan.

Still have more questions? Visit our new and improved support page and check out articles, videos, and release notes to keep you on track!

Snag Your Second Chance at Boosting Business

YE_Sprint 124_CCM_Release_Header

Distractions and procrastination plague program staff and registrants alike. But now, Camp & Class Manager’s new abandoned cart feature helps alleviate the likelihood of potential customers becoming sidetracked, while minimizing the amount of abandoned registration transactions.

With this new customization, you’ll now have the ability to track registrations that have been initiated but not completed. Additionally, email reminders encourage registrants to come back and complete the registration process.

Registration Info

Through the enablement of cart abandonment data collection, you’re able to capture the date and time the registration was deserted, the season that was selected, and the email address of the potential registrant.

The emails are easily configured for each season and automatically sent after 24 hours. However, if the prospective participant returns to complete registration within 24 hours, the email won’t deploy.

Reminder Email

Now, with this efficient update you can win back registrations and get a second chance at increasing program revenue! Still have more questions? Visit our new and improved support page and check out articles, videos, and release notes to keep you on track!

Enhanced Merchandising Makes It Easier For Your Customers To Gear Up With Goods

Merchandising Header 2

Offering merchandise and session options to your customers is a proven way to increase exposure and revenue. Camp & Class Manager’s merchandising feature started boosting your program income with an efficient back-end setup that was user-friendly. Now, with enhanced elements, we’re offering the same experience for your customers!

The hassle of taking and tracking orders from phone calls or emails is a task of the past! No longer do customers have to directly contact your organization in order for a member of your staff to fulfill their purchase. With this new enhancement, Camp & Class Manager registrants can choose available goods and session options to purchase through the customer interface.

Registrant Info

Initially, we updated the enrollment process by incorporating merchandise during registration. Now participants aren’t limited to registration when purchasing products or session options. Effective now, consumers who are enrolled in one or more sessions may schedule room upgrades, meals, early/after care, or any other available session options and/or merchandise at any time during the session.

Additional Purchases

A detailed list of each participant, their tuition, session options, and merchandise makes it easy for your staff and the registrants to keep up with every interaction!

Complete Purchase

Ensuring each registrant can effortlessly make additional purchases drives your organizational revenue and contributes to your program’s success. That’s why we made it simple to offer accurate, streamlined information about your sessions and the supporting merchandise you offer.

Your new and improved merchandise page is already incorporated into Camp & Class Manager, so there’s no wait to gear up with goods! Visit our support page and check out articles, videos, and tips to help keep you on track.

When Sessions are Successful, the Proof is in the Profits

379_16_COMM.YE_201606_Release_Notes_Email_Header (1)

Determining which sessions perform best and are most lucrative for your program can be time-consuming. Now, there’s no stress when determining which programs to offer participants. Camp & Class Manager provides the Session Summary and Session Type Summary reports to give you insight into how session transactions contribute to total revenue.

The ACTIVE account statement page has been enhanced to accommodate our new reports. Now, you can choose which report to collect data from and the specific statement period to see payment and registration activity displayed on this page.


The Session Summary Report

The Session Summary Report offers a reconciled view of how transactions from each session factor in to the total amount of revenue earned. This information is used to help you watch each session’s level of performance.

By letting you choose a specific date range or multiple pay periods, the report gives immense detail of the type of session and the associated registrations, purchases, discounts, refunds, and processing fees.


The Session Type Summary Report

Similar to the Session Summary Report, the Session Type Summary Report also dives into the registrations, processing fees, refunds, and discounts of a specific session, displaying a single row for each type of session. This eliminates any speculation about what type of sessions should be offered.


Ease of access to financial data is important to your program’s success. That’s why we made it simple to retrieve accurate, consolidated information about your sessions. These two new reports are already incorporated in the Financial Center, so there’s no wait to get started reconciling!

We’ve even released some new new features to add payment plans to specific sessions! Visit our support page and check out articles, videos, and tips to help keep you on track.

New Tracking Reports: Because Everybody Likes to Get Paid

Tracking payments can definitely be a tedious task. Especially when doing it manually!

So, Camp & Class Manager made product enhancements within the Financial Center to accommodate customer requests. Now, there are new reports that give you greater visibility into received, upcoming, and pending payments from customers.


Payment Plan Report
This new report provides the ability to track payments for participants using payment plans. You can see when auto-billing will occur, the remaining consumer balance, the next scheduled installment, as well as the total amount of the order.

Easily customizable, the information for each registrant is tracked by a specified time period, group, and or season. Now, there’s no more guesswork when determining what registrants are enrolled in payment plans or separating participants by hand when reconciling finances.


Deferred Revenue Report
The Deferred Revenue Report offers a reconciled view of each registrant’s order history. This compilation of data is used to stay up-to-date on the scheduled payment amount from a participant during a particular period of time.

Offering a single row for each scheduled payment, this report incorporates the exact date of payment, order number, related season, payment method, if the transaction will be auto-billed and the payment method, as well as the order balance.

Eliminating speculation of whether the payment will be made automatically or manually within the Parent Portal, you’ll now have the ability to control finances more efficiently.

Deferred Revenue Report

Failed Payment Report
Whether it’s an expired card or insufficient funds in an account, the Failed Payment Report lets you quickly and easily determine which registrants still owe payments.

Similar to the other enhanced reporting features, the data collected in this retroactive statement allows administrators to reference the customer and the correlating order number, the season, payment date and method. Additionally, the payment denial reason is provided in the “Reason for Failure” column.

Failed Payment Report

We understand consolidated, accurate, and easily accessible financial reporting is critical to your program’s success. That’s why we made it simple to appropriately track all payments.

Effortlessly run these reports to get accurate and immediate access to the payments within a desired period of time.
Even better, they’re already incorporated into the Financial Center you’re already familiar with!

Our support page has helpful information to keep you on track. Check it out for articles, videos, and tips.

Merchandising Helps Your Program Gear Up With Goods

There’s no doubt your company’s goals include increasing revenue and exposure. Easy to use tools that drive customer and organizational efficiency, while boosting brand awareness can help reach your goals. Luckily, those are just a couple of ways our new merchandising feature enhances your program so you and your customers can gear up and win!


Customer Carts Now Hold More Than Registrations!
Camp & Class Manager allows you to enhance the registration process by incorporating desired products. Now you can sell gear while you register a participant or parents can purchase goods while they register their child. Easy setup allows the addition of branded merchandise to any season or session, providing increased exposure and an immediate additional stream of revenue. 36% of recently surveyed parents said they bought items from their child’s programs. However, only 50% of Program Directors said they offered merchandise for sale. With so few programs offering product sales, Gear Up With Goods gives you a clear, competitive advantage.


Manage Inventory & Fulfill Orders with the Check of a Box!
With our user-friendly process you’re able to navigate the area where your entire product inventory is listed. This makes it simple to review, modify, and manage your supply. With little effort you can update the name, description, photo, and even price of a product at any point within the registration period. There’s even the capacity to increase/decrease the amount of already submitted orders. This provides your customers an extra level of customer service.

Making sure orders are completed and product fulfillment is appropriately tracked is as easy as checking a box! With an effortless click the global availability of each piece of merchandise is updated immediately and automatically for reporting purposes. Not only does this one-click fulfillment element simplify your inventory management, it also eliminates the possibility of overselling merchandise.
Financial Reporting

We understand that financial reporting in a consolidated, accurate, and easily accessible format is critical to your program’s success. The addition of the Gear Up With Goods feature is now incorporated into the reports you’re already familiar with referencing. All financial information for purchases, payments, and refunds related to merchandise appears in correlation with the season and session of registration.

There’s no need to ever stress over unknown balances because Camp & Class Manager offers instant access to financial data in order to reconcile your finances. Even more so, you’re given the opportunity to define and segment what season/session is the most profitable, and in turn evaluate market demand through the ecommerce feature.

We’re excited to offer you more with our merchandising feature! Do your customers a favor and offer them more by uploading your inventory today!

Have questions? Our support page has helpful articles, videos, and tips to assist you.

Building Loyalty Through Membership

Every business owner knows that happy customers are more likely to come back. Providing a rich membership platform is a great way to drive engagement and continued participation. Our new Membership feature makes it easy to give your customers more and for you to get more in return…more loyalty, revenue and growth.

Membership Setup Made Simple.

This feature is already available to our customers and creating a membership is easy. Simply go to your account, select the Membership settings tab in the right panel, and click on the Create membership button.


You also have the ability to include auto-renewal and/or early renewal options. Early renewal gives your customer some flexibility to choose a renewal date outside of the expiration date and auto-renewal will ensure your customers never have to worry about losing their discounts or perks.


Setup is Done. How Do I Drive Memberships?

In a recent Colloquy survey, consumers stated the top two reasons they continue to participate in a loyalty program are (1) it is easy to understand and (2) the rewards and offers are relevant. Transparency is key with enrollment in memberships.

Always be clear about the costs associated with your membership including cancellation terms and fees. Be open about what a customer will get with their enrollment. Memberships make customers feel like they are getting special access so ensure that you are providing benefits they value.

Members-only discounts may be a good place to start. The exclusivity of the offer will generate interest in the membership. Pre-registration or early enrollment might be compelling if paired with the most popular programs. Assess your customers and deliver benefits that make them feel like they are gaining an unique advantage for the membership fee they pay.

I Have Lots of Members Now. How Do I Track All This Revenue?

All transactions are automatically tracked within Camp & Class Manager. Membership purchases, payments, refunds and cancellations are included in financial calculations and are displayed in the financial reports. With our new feature, you can easily see how your membership is driving revenue and growth.

We’re excited to offer you more with our Membership feature. Offer your customers more by creating a membership strategy today!

Have questions? Our support page has helpful articles, videos and tips to assist you.

Let’s Get Classy

Camp & Class Manager is getting ready for school with a few updates that would make any program director jump for joy. We have really classed up our act with great features that benefit those in the classroom or out on the field.Camp & Class Manager gets classy

Offer Group Registration

Do you have a group of people who all want to be in the same class or extracurricular activity during your camp or class? Now you can offer that option easily and in a variety of ways to meet your program needs. You could add group organizers or group captains, who can email an activity to their team, create exclusive groups with an optional password setting, or offer public groups that anyone can join.

Empower Instructors

Become known as the “Master of Scheduling” with just a few clicks when you use our instructor scheduling tool. This new features is great for coaches, counselors and teachers. Get all your instructors to fill out their profile and availability. Assign each instructor to their sessions in specific rooms and quickly find and fill substitutions, in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Give your instructors control of their classes. They can now run roster reports to see how their classes are filling or figure out which parents they may need to talk to about missing payments. Instructors can quickly email each of their individual classes or send a mass email in the event of a cancelation.

Provide more value to your students. Now each receipt can include the instructor’s name and participants can access online profiles to learn about their teachers. . If a student prefers a particular instructor, they can even filter to choose the classes taught by that teacher.

Simplify Classroom and Location Management

Managing the various spaces in which your classes or camps reside doesn’t have to be a chore. Now you can manage those assets with our newest resource management tool. You can even manage multiple locations. Simply assign a classroom to a particular location and it will inherit various attributes from that location, such as operating hours. Do classes in Room ABC need to be moved to Room 123? No problem! You can also send emails to participants based on the room assignment of their session.

Again, we make you the hero by offering your registrants more information that helps them prepare for your programs. They can see which room their full day or hourly session is located in, either on their receipt or through the portal.

Get Insight with Financial Reports

Just in time, custom financial reports are available. Filter your financials down by different sessions, IDs or order numbers. Just choose your date range and press “Run.” This new custom report will enable you to better understand how your programs performed this year.

We believe you’re going to love these new features, so clean the white board, straighten the desks and prepare to GET CLASSY.

Interview with Greg Crow. The future of Camp & Class Manager

Greg Crow Camp & Class ManagerWe sat down with Greg Crow, Director of Product Development for Camp & Class Manager, to learn more about his long-term vision for the product. Here’s what he had to say:


What’s the long-term goal of Camp & Class Manager?

Did you see our review in PC Magazine? It called out a few of our strongest capabilities, like giving coordinators advanced marketing tools, and our emphasis on security and sensitivity around kid’s information (referring to COPPA laws). We want to continue to be the leader in that space by focusing on kids programs and helping families with programs like ACTIVEKids.

Currently, there are three broad areas we’re planning to tackle in the second half of the year. Those three things are instructor and room scheduling, membership and merchandising. Our goals are not only to make these easy for our customers to use, but also to empower their consumers to interact with them in new ways.

What type of consumer problems do you want to solve?

When I think about Camp & Class Manager, I think of Mom.- She’s doing the registration 90% of the time. She is really interested in three things: What are some activities in my area that are engaging for my child? Do any of them work within my schedule? Does it fit within my budget? We believe ACTIVEKids is already helping consumers find programs that meet those key criteria for their family.

Also, we want to empower the agency owner to nurture that mom. I’m working closely with my expert Product Manager, Adam Emerson, to figure out new and intuitive ways to help our organizations go beyond the generic newsletter and really get into campaign management capabilities and social marketing that can use real data insights to reach the right parent with the right information. Some of the updates we did this year around Google Analytics, campaign management and improved email creation are the first steps in accomplishing this goal.

What are some of ACTIVE’s internal goals for growth?

We’re also working on improving our own internal analytics so that we can provide industry statistics to help our customers make better decisions. With our broad network of customers, we can see what classes and camps are in demand, what price point is competitive and even local metrics like how many competitors of the same class are in your area. We know that most customers start planning the next year’s programs months before the season even ends, and we want to empower them to offer the types of programs their community is requesting.

We’re excited about the next season for Camp & Class Manager. As always, let us know how we can help you either get started with the software or go deeper.