Conditional questions in registration forms

The point of an online registration form is to automate the flow of information between you and your customers. You send out a link, your customers fill in a form, and information flows seamlessly to a safe and secure place from which you can access it how and when you need.

The art then, is in asking the right questions in the right way, and making the whole process quick and enjoyable.

To that end, the new conditional questions feature is meant to make it easier and more to the point for registrants to only have to see and interact with the questions that are relevant to the sessions they are registering for.

Or, to put it another way, it allows you to ask the very specific questions to very specific groups of registrants without having to worry about bothering others.

Conditional questions

To set up questions on your registration form so that they are only seen by registrants from certain sessions, start by clicking the edit link in the form builder corresponding to any custom question you have added to a form.

Click edit link

You will notice that there is a tab called Session applicability:

Check the sessions you want

All sessions are checked by default, but after you adjust and click Apply, that question will only show up for people registering for one of the sessions you checked.

This applies both to the registration process itself, and to coming back later and editing in the online account, but it will always show up for you in the Camp & Class Manager system and in reports if you want to store information about registrants even if you didn’t ask or require it of them.

Note that you can easily tell which questions have conditions applied to them versus which display to all registrants:

Selected versus all

Also note that session applicability can be used for sub-headers and text blocks the exact same way as for questions, so you can set entire sections and more detailed instruction to only show for the people need to see it.

Add form element

To tell the truth, there’s quite a bit that can be done with session applicability, and as much as you want to do to customize and program your registration form, be our guest, but our hope is that you can quickly and easily create the registration form that is the quickest and easiest for your customers.

Because it’s a big world, and the sun is shining, and we’ve all got better things to do than filling out online forms, yeah?

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