Custom Internal Discounts

Warm greetings from the Camp & Class Manager team! We hope the warmer weather is going hand in hand with a heating up of your registration numbers, and a rising excitement for camp season in general.

This month’s system enhancement is to help you care for and serve each of your customers by being able to easily adjust the price of a registration for people that need or deserve it for different reasons.

Creating a discount library

To be able to apply discounts you first need to create them in your internal discount library. Your internal discount library can be found at the discounts step of the season setup process for any season, but unlike most everything else in the season setup process, the contents of your discount library are universal across all seasons. So, if you create a ‘Financial hardship’ discount for one season you will be able to apply it to registrations in other seasons as well.

Internal discount libraryNew Internal Discount WindowInternal discounts list

Note that the dollar amount you set for a given discount is just the default that will be suggested each time it is applied. You will have the ability to change this number in case you want to award an alternate amount.

We’ll get to that…

Applying internal discounts

Once you have created the discounts you want to use, the next thing to do is to apply them. True to the name, internal discounts can only be applied internally, by you and at your discretion, but you can add them either at the time of registration to new orders, or after the fact to existing registrations.

Applying to new registrations

To apply an internal discount to a new registration, proceed through the registration process to the Review order and check out stage, and click the Add other discount link at the bottom.

Add discount to new registration

You can then choose the discount you want to apply, and set the amount you want to apply it for in this instance.

Add discount to order

And you will see the discount added as a line item to the registration.

Discount applied to new order

Note that if there was more than one registration on the order the discount would automatically apply to the most expensive session, and then, if there were funds left over the remainder would apply to the next most expensive session, and so on.

Applying to existing registrations

You can apply internal discounts to existing registrations just as easily as you can to new registrations. For a registration you want to discount, just find the order in Order view, and select Apply Discount > Add other discount. And just like with a new order, you can select the discount you want to apply and set the amount for that specific case.

View Order

Add Other Discount

Reporting on discounts awarded

Once you have given discounts, something you will probably want to do is to report on how many you have given, and in what amount. The new Internal discount report will help you do this easily.

To run the Internal discount report, just click the link in the right sidebar of the Financial Center.

Internal Discount Report Link

For the season and date range you specify (or you can select All Seasons) the report will show you the number of sessions discounts have been applied to, what the largest instance of each discount was, and the total amount discounted with a particular discount.

Internal Discount Report

In addition to this special report, discounts are also included in Camp & Class Manager’s standard transaction reports. This report will include the GL codes associated with your discounts if you choose to assign, and can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

As with all we do, we hope that this new capacity in Camp & Class Manager helps you be better at what you do – bringing people together to make themselves and their communities healthier, stronger, and wiser. That is what gets us all out of bed in the morning, and we are honored to have the chance to help you do it.

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