Deposits and payment plans

It can be enough of a hassle trying to collect from just one person who owes a balance, let alone the hundreds or more that sign up for your sessions. And, at the same time, you want to allow your customers flexibility to pay what your activities are worth, but to do so on a schedule that works for them.

With this in mind, Camp & Class Manager is designed to let you configure a deposit amount that must be paid at the time of registration and a payment plan for when the remainder will be automatically collected, either all at once or in a series of installments. And, while no software system can account for the special circumstances that arise in everyone’s lives, the idea is to as much as possible let you get everything about payment collection on auto-pilot, so that you can focus more of your time on the part of your activities that you love.

Setting up a deposit amount

Both deposits and payment plans for a season are configured on the Deposits and payment plans step of the season setup process.

Deposits and payment plans

To set a partial amount that you want to require your registrants to pay at the time of registration select any of the options other than Customers must pay in full to check out as the deposit amount. You can select a flat dollar amount, or a percentage of the total, or even choose to let people sign up and secure their spot without paying anything.

Note however that that if your customers purchase any additional items like hats or t-shirts that you charge an extra fee for, these must always be paid for at the time of registration and are on top of whatever other deposit amount is immediately due.

The Deposit option available until date means that until that date, customers will still have the option of paying the deposit only at the time of registration, as opposed to having to pay in full and applies equally to either an actual deposit or the ‘pay nothing now’ option.

Setting up a payment plan

To set up a payment plan that collects balances from your customers automatically, select Payment plan(s) with multiple installment dates as the outstanding balance payment option and click Create a payment plan to start filling in the details.

Create a payment plan

In the overlay that pops up, you can select the number of payments you want balances to be broken in to (from up to 12, to just one single lump sum) and you can specify the date that you want each installment paid on.

If you set the Automatic billing option to Required, then in order to check out, your customers will have to agree to be auto-charged for their payments by the same credit or debit card they used to pay their initial deposit. Of course it’s up to you to set the terms with your customers, but this is the way to really put things on auto-pilot if you want to.

Create a payment plan

As for the amount of the payments, this is simply the total amount due divided by the number or payments still in the future. If you set multiple payment plans in a season your customers can choose the one that works best for them, and if you mark one as Internal only then it won’t show up as an option online, but you will be able to put people on it internally.

And of course there is a lot more that you can do if you want, but to get your season set up to collect a deposit at the time of registrations and put payment collection on auto-pilot, that’s really all there is to it.

To go a step further, next time we’ll talk about setting up automatic multi-person and multi-session discounts to encourage more registrations, but until then, from the entire Camp & Class Manager team, a happy Halloween and a restful weekend while we are early yet in the camp season.


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