Easy Self-Signup for ACH Direct Deposit

Our goal is to handle the busywork of running your organization as intelligently and elegantly as possible.

One of the ways we’ve always been happy to do that for you is by automating both payment collection and disbursement, and with our latest release we’ve made it even easier to get your agency signed up for seamless and secure ACH direct deposit.

Set up ACH direct deposit

To get started setting your agency up to receive funds deposited directly to your bank account via secure ACH direct deposit, click on the link to your Account settings in the upper right of your system.

Account Settings LinkYou’ll notice that there’s a new sub-page here especially for your financial settings, and note that only the organization owner or a designated administrator can make any changes in this area, but if this is you, go ahead and click the Financial settings link.

Financial Settings Link

Then, under How ACTIVE.com sends you payments, select ACH (Direct deposit), and enter the bank and account information where you would like your funds deposited.

Enter Bank Information

After you enter your bank information and Save, ACTIVE Network will make two small deposits to your bank account. This part can take up to 3-5 days, and if we could make it happen faster we would, but it’s worth it for the security of being certain your money is going to the account you want it to.

While you are waiting for the deposits to be made, here is what that area will look like:

Deposit Pending State

But as soon as the deposits have been made (again, apologies for the wait), it will change to look like this, where you can enter the amounts of the deposits that have been made to the account you specified. Note that they will show up in your account as being from Active Network, LLC, and also that the order you enter them in doesn’t matter.

Enter Deposit Amounts

Once you enter the correct deposit amounts and click Validate account your account is confirmed, and starting with the next full billing cycle your payments from ACTIVE Network will be automatically deposited to that account. At which point, it is our hope that you will have even one less thing to think about that takes you away from providing amazing experiences to those you are passionate about serving.

Which, speaking of…it’s summertime, so take two minutes to start the process of signing up for direct deposit, and then turn off your computer and get outside!

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