New Tracking Reports: Because Everybody Likes to Get Paid

Tracking payments can definitely be a tedious task. Especially when doing it manually!

So, Camp & Class Manager made product enhancements within the Financial Center to accommodate customer requests. Now, there are new reports that give you greater visibility into received, upcoming, and pending payments from customers.


Payment Plan Report
This new report provides the ability to track payments for participants using payment plans. You can see when auto-billing will occur, the remaining consumer balance, the next scheduled installment, as well as the total amount of the order.

Easily customizable, the information for each registrant is tracked by a specified time period, group, and or season. Now, there’s no more guesswork when determining what registrants are enrolled in payment plans or separating participants by hand when reconciling finances.


Deferred Revenue Report
The Deferred Revenue Report offers a reconciled view of each registrant’s order history. This compilation of data is used to stay up-to-date on the scheduled payment amount from a participant during a particular period of time.

Offering a single row for each scheduled payment, this report incorporates the exact date of payment, order number, related season, payment method, if the transaction will be auto-billed and the payment method, as well as the order balance.

Eliminating speculation of whether the payment will be made automatically or manually within the Parent Portal, you’ll now have the ability to control finances more efficiently.

Deferred Revenue Report

Failed Payment Report
Whether it’s an expired card or insufficient funds in an account, the Failed Payment Report lets you quickly and easily determine which registrants still owe payments.

Similar to the other enhanced reporting features, the data collected in this retroactive statement allows administrators to reference the customer and the correlating order number, the season, payment date and method. Additionally, the payment denial reason is provided in the “Reason for Failure” column.

Failed Payment Report

We understand consolidated, accurate, and easily accessible financial reporting is critical to your program’s success. That’s why we made it simple to appropriately track all payments.

Effortlessly run these reports to get accurate and immediate access to the payments within a desired period of time.
Even better, they’re already incorporated into the Financial Center you’re already familiar with!

Our support page has helpful information to keep you on track. Check it out for articles, videos, and tips.

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