Enhanced Merchandising Makes It Easier For Your Customers To Gear Up With Goods

Merchandising Header 2

Offering merchandise and session options to your customers is a proven way to increase exposure and revenue. Camp & Class Manager’s merchandising feature started boosting your program income with an efficient back-end setup that was user-friendly. Now, with enhanced elements, we’re offering the same experience for your customers!

The hassle of taking and tracking orders from phone calls or emails is a task of the past! No longer do customers have to directly contact your organization in order for a member of your staff to fulfill their purchase. With this new enhancement, Camp & Class Manager registrants can choose available goods and session options to purchase through the customer interface.

Registrant Info

Initially, we updated the enrollment process by incorporating merchandise during registration. Now participants aren’t limited to registration when purchasing products or session options. Effective now, consumers who are enrolled in one or more sessions may schedule room upgrades, meals, early/after care, or any other available session options and/or merchandise at any time during the session.

Additional Purchases

A detailed list of each participant, their tuition, session options, and merchandise makes it easy for your staff and the registrants to keep up with every interaction!

Complete Purchase

Ensuring each registrant can effortlessly make additional purchases drives your organizational revenue and contributes to your program’s success. That’s why we made it simple to offer accurate, streamlined information about your sessions and the supporting merchandise you offer.

Your new and improved merchandise page is already incorporated into Camp & Class Manager, so there’s no wait to gear up with goods! Visit our support page and check out articles, videos, and tips to help keep you on track.

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