New Feature: Coupons

One of our top requested features, coupon code discounts, is now available for our Plus version users! Coupons are a great tool you can use to:

  • Offer specific groups special discounted pricing
  • Understand the effectiveness of your different marketing and promotional efforts
  • Give a specific family a scholarship discount only they can use
  • Create last-minute discounts for a session you’re trying to fill
  • And much more

You can create a new coupon from the Coupons tab in the Season View:

Setting up a coupon is a snap.  You can:

  • Create $ or % discounts (off Tuition)
  • Choose which session(s) the coupon can be used for
  • Set whether a person gets a discount off ALL sessions they sign up for… or just one
  • Set a limit to the number of times a coupon can be used
  • Set an expiration date

And of course, for each coupon, you create a special code that registrants enter on the checkout screen of your online registration to receive the discount:

Once your coupons start to be redeemed, the Coupons tab provides you with great visibility on how they are being used.  You can even click to view a usage report that tells you exactly who used a coupon and how much of a discount they got.

Coupon codes can also be applied by you or your staff during manual registration entry as well, allowing you to give these special discounts to people who register by paper or via phone.


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