Follow-up forms

There are two parts to taking registration for a camp or a class:

  • The essential administrative details of payment information and the basic biographic information about a participant and a parent.
  • All the more interesting and specific information about your registrants relative to the activity they are registering for.

With Camp & Class Manager’s new online follow-up forms, you can allow people to handle the essential administrative matters quickly, and then come back and add the more interesting information later at their leisure once their spot has been secured and the initial payment has been made.

Setting up follow-up forms

Follow-up forms are set up in the season setup workflow, in the same area where supplemental documents and forms could be configured before in the Registration forms step. You can still configure those items just like before (for items you want your customers to scan and upload via their online account) but now you can also set up online forms that your customers can fill in right inside the web-page in their online accounts.

Select Follow-up form as the Type of supplemental form you would like to create to you can start building an online follow-up form:

New Follow-up Form

The form creation process here works the same as when creating your primary registration form. The only difference is that online follow-up forms don’t include parent/guardian questions or any of the default participant questions.

Like the regular form builder though, you can add custom text blocks and subheaders, as well as custom questions from your question library and set conditions on each to only appear for registrants in specified sessions.

Building your form

And, like you could with supplemental forms and documents, you can set the entire follow-up form itself to only apply to registrants is specified sessions, as well as setting up a notification email that reminds your customers when it is close to being due.

How your customers fill out follow-up forms

Once you have saved a follow-up form for a season, your registrants will see a prompt to fill it out in their online account.

Of course if you set the form to only show for certain sessions in a season, it will only show for people in one of those sessions.

Follow-up form in SSUI

Filling out in SSUI

Your customers can fill out in one sitting if they want, or save as a draft to complete later, but either way they can take as long as they like.

Once they save it with all the required questions answered however, it will show as completed, and they will no longer be able to edit.

Before and after they finish though, the information that they enter, and the completion status is available to you from within the Camp & Class Manager system.

Reviewing and managing following up forms

Once you set them up and your customers start filling them out, there are a number of ways you can track and review follow-up forms within the Camp & Class Manager system.

On an individual level, you can see and manage a particular registrant’s follow-up forms, together with any scanned and uploaded documents, on the new Registration forms tab in the Registration view for that registrant.

Follow-up form in Reg View

At a higher level, you can track groups of follow-up forms (together with scanned and uploaded documents) on the Supplemental forms tab within any season:

Supplemental Forms Tab

You can also include questions included on a follow-up form in your custom reports, and both the status of and answers to all relevant follow-up forms will be included on your system standard Registration form report.

Making our system elegant to make your work easy

As always, our goal is to make our system take the parts of your job that are messy and time-consuming and make them simple and elegant. We hope that this new functionality does that for you, and we look forward to seeing the creative things that you will do with it, and also to hearing back how we can make it work even better.

Either way, our passion is helping you, so let us know, and until then, our warmest wishes enjoying the final days of summer.

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