Merchandising Helps Your Program Gear Up With Goods

There’s no doubt your company’s goals include increasing revenue and exposure. Easy to use tools that drive customer and organizational efficiency, while boosting brand awareness can help reach your goals. Luckily, those are just a couple of ways our new merchandising feature enhances your program so you and your customers can gear up and win!


Customer Carts Now Hold More Than Registrations!
Camp & Class Manager allows you to enhance the registration process by incorporating desired products. Now you can sell gear while you register a participant or parents can purchase goods while they register their child. Easy setup allows the addition of branded merchandise to any season or session, providing increased exposure and an immediate additional stream of revenue. 36% of recently surveyed parents said they bought items from their child’s programs. However, only 50% of Program Directors said they offered merchandise for sale. With so few programs offering product sales, Gear Up With Goods gives you a clear, competitive advantage.


Manage Inventory & Fulfill Orders with the Check of a Box!
With our user-friendly process you’re able to navigate the area where your entire product inventory is listed. This makes it simple to review, modify, and manage your supply. With little effort you can update the name, description, photo, and even price of a product at any point within the registration period. There’s even the capacity to increase/decrease the amount of already submitted orders. This provides your customers an extra level of customer service.

Making sure orders are completed and product fulfillment is appropriately tracked is as easy as checking a box! With an effortless click the global availability of each piece of merchandise is updated immediately and automatically for reporting purposes. Not only does this one-click fulfillment element simplify your inventory management, it also eliminates the possibility of overselling merchandise.
Financial Reporting

We understand that financial reporting in a consolidated, accurate, and easily accessible format is critical to your program’s success. The addition of the Gear Up With Goods feature is now incorporated into the reports you’re already familiar with referencing. All financial information for purchases, payments, and refunds related to merchandise appears in correlation with the season and session of registration.

There’s no need to ever stress over unknown balances because Camp & Class Manager offers instant access to financial data in order to reconcile your finances. Even more so, you’re given the opportunity to define and segment what season/session is the most profitable, and in turn evaluate market demand through the ecommerce feature.

We’re excited to offer you more with our merchandising feature! Do your customers a favor and offer them more by uploading your inventory today!

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