Interview with Greg Crow. The future of Camp & Class Manager

Greg Crow Camp & Class ManagerWe sat down with Greg Crow, Director of Product Development for Camp & Class Manager, to learn more about his long-term vision for the product. Here’s what he had to say:


What’s the long-term goal of Camp & Class Manager?

Did you see our review in PC Magazine? It called out a few of our strongest capabilities, like giving coordinators advanced marketing tools, and our emphasis on security and sensitivity around kid’s information (referring to COPPA laws). We want to continue to be the leader in that space by focusing on kids programs and helping families with programs like ACTIVEKids.

Currently, there are three broad areas we’re planning to tackle in the second half of the year. Those three things are instructor and room scheduling, membership and merchandising. Our goals are not only to make these easy for our customers to use, but also to empower their consumers to interact with them in new ways.

What type of consumer problems do you want to solve?

When I think about Camp & Class Manager, I think of Mom.- She’s doing the registration 90% of the time. She is really interested in three things: What are some activities in my area that are engaging for my child? Do any of them work within my schedule? Does it fit within my budget? We believe ACTIVEKids is already helping consumers find programs that meet those key criteria for their family.

Also, we want to empower the agency owner to nurture that mom. I’m working closely with my expert Product Manager, Adam Emerson, to figure out new and intuitive ways to help our organizations go beyond the generic newsletter and really get into campaign management capabilities and social marketing that can use real data insights to reach the right parent with the right information. Some of the updates we did this year around Google Analytics, campaign management and improved email creation are the first steps in accomplishing this goal.

What are some of ACTIVE’s internal goals for growth?

We’re also working on improving our own internal analytics so that we can provide industry statistics to help our customers make better decisions. With our broad network of customers, we can see what classes and camps are in demand, what price point is competitive and even local metrics like how many competitors of the same class are in your area. We know that most customers start planning the next year’s programs months before the season even ends, and we want to empower them to offer the types of programs their community is requesting.

We’re excited about the next season for Camp & Class Manager. As always, let us know how we can help you either get started with the software or go deeper.

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