Let’s Get Classy

Camp & Class Manager is getting ready for school with a few updates that would make any program director jump for joy. We have really classed up our act with great features that benefit those in the classroom or out on the field.Camp & Class Manager gets classy

Offer Group Registration

Do you have a group of people who all want to be in the same class or extracurricular activity during your camp or class? Now you can offer that option easily and in a variety of ways to meet your program needs. You could add group organizers or group captains, who can email an activity to their team, create exclusive groups with an optional password setting, or offer public groups that anyone can join.

Empower Instructors

Become known as the “Master of Scheduling” with just a few clicks when you use our instructor scheduling tool. This new features is great for coaches, counselors and teachers. Get all your instructors to fill out their profile and availability. Assign each instructor to their sessions in specific rooms and quickly find and fill substitutions, in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Give your instructors control of their classes. They can now run roster reports to see how their classes are filling or figure out which parents they may need to talk to about missing payments. Instructors can quickly email each of their individual classes or send a mass email in the event of a cancelation.

Provide more value to your students. Now each receipt can include the instructor’s name and participants can access online profiles to learn about their teachers. . If a student prefers a particular instructor, they can even filter to choose the classes taught by that teacher.

Simplify Classroom and Location Management

Managing the various spaces in which your classes or camps reside doesn’t have to be a chore. Now you can manage those assets with our newest resource management tool. You can even manage multiple locations. Simply assign a classroom to a particular location and it will inherit various attributes from that location, such as operating hours. Do classes in Room ABC need to be moved to Room 123? No problem! You can also send emails to participants based on the room assignment of their session.

Again, we make you the hero by offering your registrants more information that helps them prepare for your programs. They can see which room their full day or hourly session is located in, either on their receipt or through the portal.

Get Insight with Financial Reports

Just in time, custom financial reports are available. Filter your financials down by different sessions, IDs or order numbers. Just choose your date range and press “Run.” This new custom report will enable you to better understand how your programs performed this year.

We believe you’re going to love these new features, so clean the white board, straighten the desks and prepare to GET CLASSY.

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