Multi-person and multi-session discounts

Do you offer discounts to people that sign up for multiple sessions? Or to families that register more than one child for certain kinds of programs? If there were an easy way to do so that didn’t add any administrative overhead would you like to use these kinds of incentives to increase registration?

Camp & Class Manager is designed to let you do exactly that; add custom multi-person and multi-session discounts according to your business rules, and in a way that makes the whole process effortless and transparent as soon as it is all set up.

Setting up multi-person and multi-session discounts

For each season, you can configure discounts that award specified amounts or percentages for specified numbers of registrants and/or registrations. You can also specify different discounts to only take into account different subsets of sessions within a season, and where there might be any ambiguity, you can specify whether a discount should apply to the more expensive or less expensive registration.

To set up both multi-person and multi-person discounts in a season, go to the Discounts step of the season setup workflow and click Create your first discount.

Create your first discount

You will then see that there are actually three different types of discounts you can create in a season. Custom (internal only) discounts are great for discounts that you want to apply on an as needed basis, but for now let’s focus on the Multi-person and Multi-session discounts that will apply automatically as soon as you set them up and save them.

Create a discount overlay

Most of the settings for multi-person discounts should be self-explanatory, but maybe there are two settings which deserve a little explanation; Application order and Eligible sessions.

If your discounts are all flat dollar amounts, then Application order is likely a moot point, but if your discounts are percentage based, and your sessions are not all the same price, then it probably matters to you whether the most expensive or least expensive orders are discounted first. The default is to give the benefit in this case to your customer, i.e. discounting the most expensive session first, and continuing to discount all eligible sessions in decreasing price order, but if your stated policy is the opposite, then you can just change Application order from give benefit to my customer to give benefit to my organization.

The other setting that it might be helpful to explain a little is Eligible sessions. You will want to use this setting if you have different subsets of sessions within the same season that you want to discount in different ways. For instance, maybe some of your sessions make sense to discount for siblings, but other sessions run just at or near cost, and really can’t be discounted.

Just choose Selected sessions from the Eligible sessions and then click edit to choose the sessions you want the discount to be applied to. The sessions that you don’t select will not be discounted, and registrations for them won’t count toward eligibility for discounts on the ones that can be discounted.

Multi-session discounts are basically the exact same, but instead of awarding a family for the number of registrations in a season, they discount the registrations of a single participant for registering for enough sessions. And just like with multi-person discounts, you can select whether it is the more or less expensive sessions that are discounted, and which specific sessions can count toward qualification for the discount.

Once you save each discount, it will start being applied automatically when people register online (provided, of course that they meet the criteria) and also when you register people internally.

And that’s all there is to it.

If you want to change or even delete one of your discounts after you have started taking registrations and some of them was awarded, no problem. It won’t affect anyone who has already been awarded a discount, but going forward they won’t apply to new registrants.

Next week we’ll continue with another way that Camp & Class Manager can make the administrative parts of your work more elegant and efficient – setting up custom tailored and ‘smart’ registration forms that respond to your registrants like you would yourself.

Until then, happy days and warm nights as we approach the holiday season.

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