Rebuilt and Redesigned Form Builder

Your goal is to provide amazing and life-changing experiences to the people in your community.

Our goal is to help you do just that more easily and efficiently, and to that end we are happy to share with you the newly redesigned and fully rebuilt form builder that lets you easily and intuitively create your custom registration form.

Building a form

To build or edit a registration form for a season, click setup on your home page corresponding to any season:

Click Setup Link

and then click Registration forms and Customize registration forms:Click Reg Forms and Customize

What you will see then hopefully requires very little explanation, but maybe there are a few things worth pointing out that will help you make the most of the new form builder.

The questions on your registration form are divided into two main sections; participant questions and parent/guardian questions. When the registrant is an adult, these questions will be integrated together, but when the registrant is a minor, the questions will be displayed in the registration form just like they are show in the form builder, divided into two distinct sections.

Between these two sections, there are three different types of questions:

  • Required default questions which must be included on all forms.
  • System default questions which can be included or not.
  • Custom questions, stored in your custom question library.

The default questions which are required to be on your form say Required by ACTIVE on the right. And while they cannot be removed, you can customize some things about the way they appear by clicking the edit link on the right.

The optional system default questions can also be customized in the same way, and you can also choose whether or not to include them at all by simply clicking Add or Remove depending on the state the question is already in.

Make it personal with your own custom questions

Custom questions are a little more interesting and let you really customize your form to get the specific information you need about your registrants.

To add custom questions to your registration form, click Add custom questions at the top of the form builder.

Add custom questions

You will then see a popup that lets you create new custom questions you need, and select the ones you want to include on the current season’s form.

Add custom question popup

The items you check on the left will be included on your form when you click Apply, and newly added items will show up at the bottom of the participant questions section, but you can then easily drag and drop to reorder, and also add subheaders to visually group questions together .

Add a subheader

Add a subheader popup

Looking forward

While we hope this is a big improvement in letting you create your custom registration forms quickly and enjoyably, we are look forward to sharing even more improvements with you in the near future.

Not to give away all our secrets, but what we’re working on next is the ability to configure questions to show up only for people registering for specific sessions, and also rich text blocks that can be included in your forms. And hopefully a lot more after that, but look for those two enhancements in just a few weeks.

In the meantime it is our pleasure, as always, helping you do the wonderful things you do in the world, and we welcome you to get in touch and let us know how we can do it even better.

To a happier, healthier, and more active world,

-The Camp & Class Manager team

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