Rich text blocks in registration forms

Your registration form is a kind of an emissary for your organization; if it works well and is clear and confident, it can create a good impression and simply get the job done.

Camp & Class Manager’s new rich text blocks let your registration forms get the job done even better by giving them the means to communicate plainly about the specific things your registrants need to know during the registration process.

To add a rich text block to your form

In the Form Builder, click Add form element in the upper right and select Text block.

Select text block

This opens the rich text editor, where you can set header and normal level text, use different colors and styles, and add links and bullet lists.

And don’t worry, links you add will always open for your registrants in a new tab or window, and will never take them away from the registration process

Create Text Block

Click Apply when you are done, and then drag and drop to get in the right place on your form, and then after you save your form, it will show up online looking pretty much exactly like it did in the form builder, just blended in a little depending on whether it’s being viewed in a registration form or in your customer’s online account.

Text block in Reg Form

And that’s really all there is to it to be able to add customized and very specific rich text instruction to your registration forms.

But there is one more thing actually if you want to get a little tricky.

After you save a text block to your form, you can come back anytime and use the Session applicability tab to set the text block to only appear for people registering for specific sessions.

Session Applicability

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