Back to school!

Congratulations on making it through another camp season, and our best wishes on wrapping things up in the best possible way.

In the spirit of ending the summer and going back to school, this week’s blog post is a very basic refresher on the three basic system areas that make up Camp & Class Manager.

Don’t worry though, there’s no test at the end, and you can refer back to here as often as you like.

The Management System

As someone who works for a camp or school, this is the part of the system that you will spend the most time with. This is where you setup your camps and classes and the registration form for each season, where you see information about who has registered, and where you can review your finances and send out emails.

There is really a lot that can be done in this part of the system, and you can think of it having a few different general ‘modes’ that you can be in, depending on what you are trying to do.

You can get to any of these modes from your home page, which since it is the home page, appropriately functions as something like a home base.

Homepage current

Setup Mode

Setup or “season setup” is where you create and configure everything about a set of sessions that are grouped together as a season, including the sessions themselves.

Season setup is organized as a set of steps meant to be in logical order, starting from naming and categorizing the season itself, and then creating the sessions and discount rules and so forth for the sessions in that season, right through to flipping the switch and making registration available to the public.

Oh, and you can also design and configure the registration forms and follow-up information you want to collect from registrants, but more on that next week.

Season setup

Front Desk Registration

Front desk registration, or internal registration, is the workflow in which you can sign someone up who for whatever reason doesn’t want to or can’t sign up online. When you sign someone up yourself through the management system, you will be prompted to pay the amount of what would have been the deposit amount if they would have signed up online, but you can pay any amount you want, or nothing at all, and you can also make a record of payments given to you directly as check or cash.

Register someone link circled 2

General Management

Management is pretty much everything you will do in day to day operation once your seasons are setup and registration is started. You can drill into any particular season and see registration numbers and details for each session, you can run reports about your registrants, and you can group participants into cabins and other groups.

In general management mode, you can also send out mass emails, manage your finances, and search through a master list of your customers.

There’s way too much there to try to cover in a blog post, but if we’ve done our job right it should be pretty self-explanatory.

Management System

Account Settings

Account settings is where you can configure and update things about your organization. In addition to the basics like name and address, you can configure your official Facebook and Twitter identities, maintain a list of GL codes for use across seasons, and manage the list of users who can access your management system.

Organization Branding

The Registration Form

While the management system is for you to use in running your business, the registration form is the most important part of your offering to your customers.

Your organization only has one ‘root’ registration form, but once a registrant selects which season they would like to register for, what they see after that will all be according to how you have configured it specifically for that season.

You can also send out specific links that allow registrants to bypass the season selection step, as if they have already selected a particular season, and the same for specific sessions.

Depending on how you configure it, registrants can be required to pay in full in order to complete their registration, or pay a specific deposit amount, or nothing at all. It’s really up to how you want to configure things for each season.

Registration Form

The Online Account

In addition to the online registration form, the other main thing that you offer to your registrants is the online account. Everyone who registers online creates an online account in the process, and for those that are registered internally, you can invite them to create an online account too.

The link to your online account portal can be found or your management system homepage, and we recommend you put it prominently on your organization’s main website.

In the online account, your customers can check the status of existing orders, update information submitted at the time of registration, and submit photos and other documents that you want them to submit.

Online Account

One more thing…

Since this is the back to school edition, we would be remiss if we did not point you to where you can turn for further study.

The online help file and the support portal are always there for more in depth explanation of any system area, and an (admittedly, in need of an update, but still pretty useful) PDF Quick Start guide can be downloaded here.

But on that note, we  promised no exam, and none shall there be, and if the kids are indeed safely away at school, maybe there’s something more fun that you want to do with your day anyways.

It’s been an honor serving you through this summer and camp season, and we look forward to another wonderful year ahead, making the management part of your work easy, and leaving you free to do what you love most and do best.


The Camp & Class Manager Team.



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