A rest, and then back to work…

Did you take that much-needed break after your busy summer camp season?

After running all your reports and collecting outstanding balances, this should be the time of year when you’ve been able to finally unwind and relax a bit.

But as you know better than anyone, running and administering a camp is a full-time job, and you are probably already starting to think about and plan for your next summer camp season! On the bright side, it’s never too early to start planning though, right?

Thinking about setting up a new season then, it’s a good moment to think about what we mean by a “season”. Well, in the way it’s meant to help you keep things organized in the Camp & Class Manager System, it’s a similar group of sessions that take place around the same time. So for example, if you run a sports camp, Summer Soccer 2014 may be a season you will want to set up. Within that season, you could have ‘Junior girls’ as one session, and ‘Junior boys’ as another, as distinct sessions that people could register for. A season begins on that start date of the earliest session and ends on the end date of the last session.

Click here for a step by step article to see how simple creating a season can be.

Will your future seasons be similar in setup or even identical to a season you’ve already run? Well then you can save yourself some time by copying an existing season. All the season and session information fields will be pre-filled for you; all you need to do is review and edit the details that are different in the new season.

We certainly hope you did get some time to rest, but as soon as you are ready to dive back in, we wish you the best of luck in getting your next seasons up and running. If you need any extra guidance, be sure to visit our Support Help Center for more tips and tricks, and as always, reach out directly to your account manager and our support team.

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