When Sessions are Successful, the Proof is in the Profits

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Determining which sessions perform best and are most lucrative for your program can be time-consuming. Now, there’s no stress when determining which programs to offer participants. Camp & Class Manager provides the Session Summary and Session Type Summary reports to give you insight into how session transactions contribute to total revenue.

The ACTIVE account statement page has been enhanced to accommodate our new reports. Now, you can choose which report to collect data from and the specific statement period to see payment and registration activity displayed on this page.


The Session Summary Report

The Session Summary Report offers a reconciled view of how transactions from each session factor in to the total amount of revenue earned. This information is used to help you watch each session’s level of performance.

By letting you choose a specific date range or multiple pay periods, the report gives immense detail of the type of session and the associated registrations, purchases, discounts, refunds, and processing fees.


The Session Type Summary Report

Similar to the Session Summary Report, the Session Type Summary Report also dives into the registrations, processing fees, refunds, and discounts of a specific session, displaying a single row for each type of session. This eliminates any speculation about what type of sessions should be offered.


Ease of access to financial data is important to your program’s success. That’s why we made it simple to retrieve accurate, consolidated information about your sessions. These two new reports are already incorporated in the Financial Center, so there’s no wait to get started reconciling!

We’ve even released some new new features to add payment plans to specific sessions! Visit our support page and check out articles, videos, and tips to help keep you on track.

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