Setting up early-bird discounts

One of the ways we hope Camp & Class Manager can make things easier for you is in simplifying everything having to do with collecting money, so the way we designed it is so that once you set things up, the system can handle the whole process, from taking payments online and collecting balances all the way to depositing the funds into your bank account.

Part of how you can configure the system to do this work for you in just the way you want is to allow for different kinds of discounts to apply automatically, as well as being able to set up deposit amounts, and getting registrants signed up for payment plans to collect the remainder of their balances automatically.

Since you’re probably just at the beginning of getting things setup for next summer’s camp season, maybe a good type of discount to take a look at today is early bird discounts.

Setting up early-bird discounts

Early-bird discounts are set up in association with each session in a season, and specifically, at the level of each tuition, or price level, for each session. So, you can actually set different early bird discounts for different price levels, or even discount one price level but not another.

Just set a cutoff date for when is still considered ‘early’, and enter the early-bird price for each price level, and save the session, and that’s it.

Setting up early bird prices

After you save this configuration, your customers will see this price online, and will know how much of a discount they can still get if the register before the cutoff date (hovering over the question icon tells them how much the price will go up after the cutoff.)

Early Bird Price in Registration Form

And when you register someone internally too, you will see that the early-bird price is still in effect, but you have the option to charge them the standard price as well. You can even give someone the early-bird price after the cutoff date too, but we won’t tell anyone that if you don’t.

Early Bird Discounts Internally

So, that’s early bird discounts in a nutshell.

Next time we’ll talk about setting up deposits and payment plans and until then, hope you are enjoying the fall weather, and that you are feeling good about starting to get set-up for the 2015 camp season.

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