New Feature: Coupon Code Start Date

Our popular coupon code feature is now even better. You’ve been asking for the ability to set up your coupon strategy when you set up your sessions, rather than having to go back and set date ranges for pricing levels manually. Now you can.

We’ve added Coupon Code Start Date/Time fields to give you the flexibility to set up early bird and other discounts ahead of time. This will let you use the same code for multiple coupons and only the discount eligible for that time period will be applied.

Note that while a coupon code end date is required, a coupon start date is not, and if none is entered there will be no early limit as to when it can be applied.CouponYou can create a new coupon from the Coupons tab in the Season View.

Coupon TabYou can also read more about the coupons feature here.