5 New Feature Updates You’ll Love

This holiday season we wanted to give you five features you’re sure to love! With year’s end approaching efficiency is crucial. So, we added elements that will keep you organized, making marketing efforts more robust and payment options a true gift to registrants.

There’s nothing better than having a participant or parent personally refer someone to your program. They share the first-hand experiences of what makes your sessions great without any extra effort from you. Now, Camp & Class Manager is taking your sessions to a whole new level, leaving friends and family with a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out)!
This enhancement, located on each session checkout confirmation page, lets registrants send an email that invites their friends to experience your program.

Refer-a-Friend Camp Register

Activate Branded Cart-Abandonment Emails
With our cart abandonment feature, emails are automatically sent within 24 hours to potential customers who didn’t complete their registration. Now, every message sent from Camp & Class Manager can include organizational branding with customized header and footer images, your logo, the “Register” button and all social media links. This allows you to keep all communication with your customers professional and consistent.

Branded Cart-Abandonment Emails

Label it Your Way
We know you offer a variety of merchandise for participants to choose from. So, in order to provide clarity for your customers and make products and session options stand out, we’ve made the term “Merchandise” editable. You can now change your merchandise section to “New Camp Gear”, “Recommended Supplies”, or any label of your choosing.

Softcode Camp Merchandise

Keep Formatting How You Like It!
It’s easy to directly copy from email templates outside of Camp & Class Manager and paste them directly into the email editor. The days of re-typing and re-formatting your emails are in the past. Now, the fonts, colors, bullets, spacing and hyperlinks of a Word document’s richly formatted content can be quickly transferred for emailing.

Copy and Paste from Word

Session Specific Payment Plans
Now you can offer registrants the opportunity to pay off the cost of their sessions in installments. Payment dates, billing options and even the applicable sessions are customizable.



Registrants even have the ability to view their order summary in a single email with sessions grouped according to their payment plan.

Still have more questions? Visit our new and improved support page and check out articles, videos, and release notes to keep you on track!